January 22, 2017

Big in Japan

Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas and loungers in Tokyo

Have the coolest seat in the fashion capital of Tokyo. Chill out with beautiful contemporary forms, amazing support with our unique internal elastic structure... and world leading cloud-like comfort!

January 15, 2017

Chill out with the best seats in the house this Lunar New Year.

Avatar Lounger and Tech Pillow in Lime Citrus

She's in our Avatar Lounger in Lime Citrus (with matching Tech Pillow). Add a splash of zesty lime to your home (and office) for full-body weightless comfort. Perfect for home cinemas and office lounges!

Butterfly Sofas in Wildberry Deluxe perfect for relaxation corners.

Cocoon yourself with our luxurious Butterfly Sofas in Wildberry Deluxe. Create your very own cosy corner for reading or lounging.

Photo: shoogar.town

Acoustic Sofas are gaming seats for kids and adults alike!

He's in our Acoustic Sofa in Tundra Spring. Perfect for gaming and reclines amazingly to become a daybed too!

Zen Loungers are truly flexible and quilted lounging!

Settle into your personal cloud of comfort. Enjoy truly flexible lounging & luxurious quilted comfort with our Zen Loungers (featured here in Blue Jazz).

Photo: haanuul

November 13, 2016

Relax in Zen-like comfort with our Acoustic Sofa & Ottoman

Acoustic Sofa and Ottoman in Eco Weave

Enjoy luxurious quilted comfort & superb back/body support with our unique internal elastics. Lounge in beauty & comfort with Acoustic Sofa & Ottoman in Eco Weave.

Beautiful Daybed for Blissful Lounging

This beautiful daybed reclines effortlessly for truly blissful lounging. Our innovative internal elastic system = no metal parts inside!

Acoustic Sofa and Ottoman in Aubergine Dream

Ottoman is a footrest, spare seat and side table (simply place a tray on top for your drinks).

Acoustic Sofa in Luscious Grey for Working and Reading

Sits up beautifully for reading and working on your laptop.

June 25, 2016

Ambient Lounge Homes

New home owner tinytini created her cozy living room with our chilled-out Maison Package. Our Butterfly Sofa, Versa Table & Twin Couch in Aubergine Dream go beautifully with her classy contemporary decor. Blissful lounging ahead! Get this look.

Photo: tinytini

Remove the Versa tabletop for a footrest that matches your Butterfly Sofa beautifully. It's a complete chaise lounge with timeless circular forms!

Twin Couch is Living Room Genius that unzips to 2 chairs!

Need even more space? Stack your Twin Couch up! It's a godsend for tight spaces.

May 22, 2016

Beautiful living with Ambient Lounge in Shibuya, Tokyo

Small space? Enjoy smarter modern living with our SOHO Package. Twin Couch unzips to 2 chairs, while Versa Table transforms into a footrest or spare seat! World's leading brand for designer bean bag sofas hits the global fashion capital of Tokyo! Shop this look.

Check out Ambient Lounge at HDB (above). Our space-saving SOHO Package (Twin Couch & Versa Table) is selected to be part of the 45m² 2-Room Flexi showflat at HDB Hub. Enjoy beautiful living in small spaces today! Click here for a virtual tour of this amazing showflat. Contemporary interior design by ILA Group.

Twin Couch. Living Room Genius that unzips to 2 chairs. Need even more space? Stack them up! A godsend for tight spaces.

Versa Table. Multifunctional marvel. Remove tabletop for a footrest or spare seat!

April 27, 2016

Epic Home Cinema Lounging

Best Throne in the House? Enjoy full body contoured comfort made for home cinemas! Forget boring sofas and get the Gold Class experience at home everyday with our Avatar Lounger bean bags.

Recline in weightless comfort with the innovative internal elastic system and lush quilted support. Perfect for home entertainment, gaming and living rooms, it's the only piece of furniture you want to be in day and night! 

Experience a quantum leap in home theatre seating. Bring on the movie marathons!

April 14, 2016

Ambient Lounge Homes

"It has been our preferred sofa and everyone automatically lazes in it... it's so comfy and cosy." 

Home owner Septh created her cosy corner with our Cove Package. Our Butterfly Sofa and Versa Table in Tundra Spring go ever so beautifully with her contemporary decor. Perfect for alcoves, reading areas and relaxation corners, this beautiful chaise lounge set with timeless circular forms is the complete lounging experience. Get this look for your home or office today. 

Did you know: The black acrylic tabletop is matte on one side and glossy on the other to give you styling flexibility. Easily remove it for a footrest or spare seat! 

Photo: Septh

April 07, 2016

Ambient Lounge Homes

New home owner @GallopingPuffin chose our Butterfly Sofa, Versa Table and Avatar Lounger for his entertainment room. Our textured Luscious Grey fabric blends beautifully with his chic contemporary decor. We can imagine many hours of blissful lounging ahead! 

Break the monotony of rigid lines in your living space with the relaxing curves of our designer loungers. This beautiful Loft Package chill-out set is ideal for living rooms, entertainment rooms, home cinemas, games rooms and wine bars. Butterfly Sofa is a luxurious armchair which invites you to snuggle up within. The multifunctional Versa Table gives you the flexibility of removing the tabletop to use as a matching footrest for the Butterfly Sofa, or as a handy standalone spare seat. And of course, our Avatar Lounger pampers you with full body weightless comfort. 

Love soft, understated and luxurious comfort? Get this look with our Loft Package today. 

Photos: @GallopingPuffin

April 02, 2016

Designed for home and office, work and play!

Butterfly Sofa and Versa Table in Sakura Pink

If you're like us, you spend far too much time on your computer or iPad. If it's not getting back to emails, it's checking up on stuff outside of working hours, studying, researching or simply surfing the weekend away. Everything seems to be online these days.

Why be tied to a desk and face a cold and unfriendly tabletop? Pimp up your home and office with our high seating designer bean bag chairs. It's time to make your home and workplace more stylish, fun and casual.

Our Butterfly Sofa is a great example. High seating so it's easy to get in and out, even for ladies on high heels, it is naturally comfortable with a notebook or iPad perched on your lap. Add a Tech Pillow and a Versa Table and you have the perfect work/study furniture set! 

It's not just great at home either. Many of the most forward thinking companies (Spotify, Nissan and Skyscanner just to name a few) are decking out their brainstorming, meeting and lounge areas with Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas to enhance creativity, workplace pleasure and productivity. Just check out the pics below.

Evolution Sofas in Spotify Office
Avatar Loungers and Versa Table in Skyscanner Office

Want to enjoy the same home or office vibes? Check out our Cove Package (comprising our Butterfly Sofa and Versa Table) to create your own cozy working corner. Or browse our complete range here

Photo of Spotify office by Singapore Business Review.

April 02, 2016

Small space genius

Enjoy smarter modern living with our SOHO Package, a godsend for tight spaces. Forget traditional clunky sofas that cost a bomb and boring coffee tables that do nothing else. With skyrocketing costs of living and shrinking sizes of homes, SOHO is multifunctional furniture that makes perfect sense.

Check out this amazing photo from a newly married couple who just moved into their super compact 400sqft apartment. Our Twin Couch and Versa Table in Aubergine Dream fit perfectly... with space to spare!

Besides lightweight mobility, Twin Couch also smartly unzips to 2 chairs. The couple can also remove their Versa tabletop and they've got a beautiful footrest or handy spare seat for their visitors. Enjoy smarter modern living that’s easy on both the eye and your wallet!

Want to get this look? Shop our SOHO Package for a great-looking living room solution that’s space-saving, multifunctional and truly affordable. Available in 10 beautiful fabrics.