"Ditching the 'dodgy, shapeless' look, this British company combines old-style comfort with sleek new contours."
- TIME Magazine, 2006


Used in Sir Richard Branson’s Kensington Roof Gardens in London, Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore and other top venues worldwide, Ambient Lounge is the world’s leading brand for designer bean bag sofas. Established in UK 2005, Ambient Lounge is groundbreaking innovation in evolving shapeless bean bags into contemporary designer sofas with clean lines, stylish form and premium comfort. 


Ambient Lounge began in the UK on the day of the London bombings. It was Thursday, 7 July 2005. Having the carnage erupting near the Ambient Lounge founders' very first bank meeting marked a strange first day at the office. This experience steeled the founders for business setbacks in the early days, which seemed insignificant in comparison to the bombings, and helped mentally break through that tough first stage of growth, copycats and competition. 

Being a throwback of the 1970s, the bean bag used to be a shapeless blob made from cheap fabrics and was the scourge of modern interior design. Despite lush comforts, bean bags were ridiculed as an eyesore and considered kids' furniture. The Ambient Lounge founders' vision was to transform the humble and much-maligned bean bag into inspiring and fashionable designer furniture for adults, with beautiful form, luxurious fabrics and contemporary clean lines. 

Launching the Evolution Sofa in 2005 with luxurious fabrics, high backrest and body moulding comfort, Ambient Lounge took a quantum leap away from the era of bean bag blobs and wafer thin fabrics. The leader in a new era of contemporary bean bag sofas was born. The result was a new category of designer bean bags (a phrase coined by Ambient Lounge), perfect for modern living rooms and providing truly affordable luxury for contemporary outdoor spaces. 

As the global leader in soft furniture, Ambient Lounge remains at the forefront of cutting edge innovation with its designer collections. And despite many poor imitations internationally, the Evolution Sofa remains an Ambient Lounge bestseller till this day. 

Along the way, Ambient Lounge also invented (and patented) the Funnelweb™ zip & tip bean transfer system. With the revolutionary Funnelweb™ system, you can now easily fill your bean bag sofas to your personal comfort level. No spills, no mess and done in seconds! You can also reverse the process to easily unfill and clean your bean bag cover. The Funnelweb™ system is patent protected worldwide and exclusively available to the Ambient Lounge group only. 

Today, Ambient Lounge is sold in more than 20 countries worldwide, including UK, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and the Middle East. Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas have also been featured in TIME magazine, and can be found in Sir Richard Branson’s uber-chic Necker Island and Kensington Roof Gardens in London, Asia's most exciting waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa and Nissan's regional headquarters in Singapore, Moonlight Cinemas in Australia, and the homes of international celebrities. 

Chill out with the best in visual inspiration and exceptional comfort. Ambient Lounge is not just the best seat in the house... it's the best seat in the world!