December 17, 2018

Ambient Lounge bean bags in magical Christmas cinema

Bean bag sofas in Christmas cinema in London 01
Bean bag sofas in Christmas cinema in London 02

Photos: Backyard Cinema

★★★★★ - TIME OUT
"Enchanting" - The Telegraph 
"London's Quirkiest Screening" - Metro 
"For cinema-goers who like a dollop of quirky with their screening" - Mail Online 
"Half the fun of Backyard Cinema is that no matter how relentlessly you've seen a particular movie before, they're adding a whole new experience." - Design My Night 

This Christmas, discover magic around every corner inside Backyard Cinema's beautiful Christmas Labyrinth. An amazing sensory feast set in a magical woodland, in the heart of Winterville Festival.

Located in Clapham Common, London, you will explore the secret enchanted tunnels and make your way to the beautiful indoor cinema decked out with Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas.

Snuggle up under a blanket on your bean bag, with a wine and a pie, and settle in for a Christmas cinema experience like no other.

Backyard Cinema's Christmas Labyrinth 01
Backyard Cinema's Christmas Labyrinth 03

Hear the story behind this epic cinematic experience:

"What once started as a homemade project in Dominic’s very own back garden has grown to be one of London’s most recognised and sought after alternative cinema experiences. Backyard Cinema is now a roaming, theatrical, cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both in and outdoors around London. Often creating a physical world surrounding the movie using in-depth set builds, actors and live music, each show becomes a unique evening out, whilst staying true to its original ethos: somewhere cool you can watch your favourite films with great food, drinks and all your mates."

Bean bag sofas in Christmas cinema in London 03
Bean bag sofas in Christmas cinema in London 04

July 03, 2018

England chooses Ambient Lounge Bean Bag Sofas for its Team Hotel in Russia

Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

In their quest to win their first World Cup since 1966, the English Football Association wanted a space where the team could bond and research other matches together.

The environment should allow the players to relax physically and mentally. Most importantly, the furniture had to be approved by the medical team to take pressure off aching joints and give the players the best chance to recover between games and training sessions.

Ambient Lounge was seen as the perfect fit.

In giving England's common rooms (both indoors and outdoors) a complete makeover, our soft yet structured bean bag sofas and loungers replaced all the boring hard-edged furniture that used to be there.

The brief that the manager Gareth Southgate gave to the English FA's designers was clear: keep the players in-house and focused on the task at hand. Team harmony without any outside distractions was a top priority.

Integrated with medical massage areas and games rooms, our loungers allow the team to bond and watch games together as one large communal space. Being lightweight, these can also be easily reconfigured into clusters of smaller private areas.

Check out the team (with manager Gareth Southgate on an Avatar Lounger) studying the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia:

Watching. Waiting. ⏳

A post shared by England (@england) on

And here's Liverpool captain and England's key midfielder Jordan Henderson resting in our Modular:

Get behind the scenes and check out these preliminary 3D renders created by our interior design team. Approved by the English Football Association, these concepts are now reality.

3D model: Bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

Aerial 3D: Bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

Floor plan: Bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

Want the same positive vibes and look? Check out what the English Football Association selected.

Modular MOD 4 Corner Deluxe in Eco Weave (Showroom Only)

Butterfly Sofa in Eco Weave

Acoustic Sofa in Hot Chocolate

Avatar Lounger in Hot Chocolate

Versa Table in Eco Weave

Butterfly Sofa in Silverline (Waterproof, Indoor/Outdoor)

Wing Ottoman in Silverline (Waterproof, Indoor/Outdoor)

May 18, 2018

Small Apartment? Forget Sofas! Live Smart with Flexible Furniture Designed for Small Homes.

Small apartment with MOD 3 Movie Couch in Keystone Grey

Homes are getting smaller and space is a premium. Why get traditional sofas that cost a bomb, weigh a tonne and take up lots of space?

Godsend for small apartments, MODULAR is 80% lighter than traditional sofas and unzips in seconds for different possibilities. Come home to complete living room flexibility. It's revolutionary designer furniture that’s beautifully structured and multifunctional, yet amazingly lightweight.

Small living room with MOD 3 Movie Couch in Luscious Grey
Modular sofa zipper
Modular sofa unzipped
Lightweight modular sofa

Check out what the international press is saying about MODULAR:

"It was easy to connect the three elements with the robust zippers and form a small couch without armrests, something I rather like actually! The pouf consists of two smaller elements and was even easier to connect, elements can also be used individually and more different elements are available to form different lounge areas." - Amsterdam-based interior design blog, Vosgesparis, on the flexibility of MODULAR

"A modest 50 sqm apartment? Rooftop terrace? Home cinema, spacious living space, or office? Ambient Lounge’s products comprise structured, quilted, elastic, premium fabrics and ‘bags’ of style - kit that is heavy on comfort and style but light on weight and wallet. Together, these individual bombshells come together to form something else altogether - a vast curved statement piece that looks like it’s come straight from a mansion in the Hollywood Hills; a sprawling space of comfort redefined." - Barcelona-based Lovie Award-winning design magazine, We Heart

Available from showroom only. Experience MODULAR today.

March 25, 2018

Evolution Sofas in Vespertine Restaurant | Designer Lounging meets Cutting Edge Dining in Los Angeles

Evolution Sofas in Vespertine Restaurant Rooftop

Featured in Wallpaper & The New York Times. Evolution Sofas in Vespertine, a twisting restaurant tower designed by Eric Owen Moss in Los Angeles. Named best restaurant by LA Times. Vespertine is a gastronomical experience that blurs the boundaries between food and architecture, seeking to disrupt modern day dining. 

Dining with Evolution Sofas in Vespertine Restaurant Rooftop

"The project was formed through a collaboration with architect Eric Owen Moss, and a group of renowned artists to re-imagine and explore the experience of dining. The convergence of food, art, architecture, music, and sculpture is woven throughout to create an immersive, multi-sensory event." - Jordan Kahn, chef/creator of Vespertine. 

Get the Vespertine lounging experience with Evolution Sofas in Supernova. Love to furnish your restaurant, cafe or F&B space with Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas? Contact us at 6877 2860 or email us at

Vespertine Restaurant Tower

Excerpt from how architect Eric Owen Moss imagined Vespertine:

"Mars is the red planet.
It’s surrounded by two moons, Phobos and Demos.
The moon twins are raucous stones, spinning retrograde as they duel with one another in the sky.
That flying irregularity is a preamble to this architecture.

The tower.
A curving shape constructed with straight steel lines.
What might a tower be? What might a restaurant be?
Vespertine interrogates that subject.
What you thought you knew, you don’t.
What you thought you’d do, you won’t.

Welcome to the men and women of twists and turns.
Citizens of Vespertine.

A ride on the steeds of Mars."

Vespertine 3D Modelling

"A preliminary study model made from a square pile of note paper, describes a concept for a tower which is not quite a regular box, nor a clear, spatial departure from the regular box. Rather the model suggests a conceptually soft geometry, or better, a twisted tower.

The tower twists along its height – rotates slightly, both clockwise at the top and counterclockwise toward the bottom. The plan shape and size is maintained as the tower volume pivots. The curvature of the form is conveyed by the horizontal and vertical steel plate grid that frames the glass enclosure. As the curvature increases, the spacing between plates is decreased to maintain the planar glass panel subdivision.

The proposed glazing system is composed of horizontal and vertical ‘fins’. Glazing components were never curved, so the outer curving surfaces are conveyed as the aggregate of the plate steel fins. This new structure will serve as the home of an exclusive restaurant.

The internal structural frame closely follows the exterior shape. Four corner columns undergo a series of compound miters to reflect the curving form. The building consists of a ground floor, a mezzanine, a second floor, and an open-air roof deck connected by an internal stair and elevator."

- Eric Owen Moss Architects

Vespertine Drawings - Floor Plans and Section

Guests enter at the ground level and are escorted to their seats on the floor above. The mezzanine level serves as the main dining floor, an intimate setting with seating for only 22 patrons upon custom built steel banquettes surrounding CNC-milled translucent acrylic tabletops.

The rooftop offers a casual space for enjoying cocktails and the beautiful city views.

As guests exit they will pass by a curved 26 foot long table, suspended from the mezzanine and second floor ceilings, which delivers a keepsake upon their departure.

Vespertine Cuisine Concept

"Our cuisine explores a dimension of cooking neither rooted in tradition nor culture. We seek a better understanding of our ingredients by altering their context, blurring the interrelationships between materials and ideas. A place where deliciousness is driven by form and texture crafted into sculpture."


Chicory stem
Dried brassica leaf
Pumpkin seed
Scented geranium
Preserved lime
Northern pike roe

Vespertine Cuisine - Giant Kelp

"The macrocystis pyrifera, or 'giant kelp', is the largest marine alga in the world. They grow in massive 'forests' and are the primary food source for our local urchins. Formed into a sculptural chip, the flavor is reminiscent of toasted maple and artichoke. It is served alongside whipped ocean honey and wetland herbs."

February 11, 2018

All the world's a stage. Especially our Versa Table?


We knew our Versa Table bean bags are versatile. Coffee table, check. Take the acrylic top off for a footrest, check. Handy spare seat, check. And now... stage, check!

The Berg Brothers are an adorable bunny duo living in Singapore. Iceberg's a blue-eyed white Netherland dwarf, while Brownberg's an orange Holland Lop. Here, Iceberg makes a dramatic entrance on their Versa Table in Tundra Spring (coincidentally the same colour as Iceberg), while Brownberg's cool as a cucumber!

Video: @thebergbrothers_buns

December 09, 2017

Ambient Lounging in Superhero Universe

Twin Couch, Avatar Lounger and Butterfly Sofa bean bags in Fred's room

Marvel (pun intended) at Fred's super collection while lounging in his therapy room. It's an amazing treasure trove from the likes of Sideshow, XM Studios, Bowen Designs, Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant etc. 

"Officially moved in. Glad everything is in place. Playing around with my couches in day & night mode. Absolutely happy eventually." Fred's got our Twin Couch, Avatar Lounger and Butterfly Sofa.

Cogi the corgi on Avatar Lounger bean bag

Fred's very adorable corgi is his “Lockjaw”, the guardian for his superhero galaxy. Here, Cogi the corgi takes a breather on his Avatar Lounger. Can you spot Captain America, Hulk, The Darkness, Iron Spider and more?

Twin Couch bean bags in Tundra Spring in Fred's room

"Settling down finally is the best feeling ever. It was a hectic 2 months for me but eventually everything was worthwhile." Fred's Twin Couch has got Captain America and Deadpool looking out for him!

Butterfly Sofa bean bag with a view of superhero collectibles

"The satisfaction of this view of my statues every night with this comfortable Butterfly chair from Ambient Lounge." It's a view that's out of this world, with the likes of Iron Man and Iron Spider.

Avatar Lounger bean bag in the world of superheros

"My perfect therapy room complete with this new addition Ambient Lounge chair," says Fred. It's our honour really!

Amazingly lightweight with body moulding comfort and luxurious fabrics, Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas are the choice of mancaves, collectors' havens and "therapy rooms" the world over. What about yours?

Photos: @defredsg

November 04, 2017

German fashion blogger reviews our newest MODULAR

David relaxing with MOD 4 Quad Couch and Twin Ottoman bean bags

Relax in style. Hunky German fashion blogger, David Renken, shows how. He loves his Game of Thrones while relaxing in our newest MODULAR. The Quad Couch and Twin Ottomans also easily unzip to 8 separate seats when his friends are over! They're a godsend for small homes as they're super light, flexible and compact. Welcome to revolutionary designer furniture with internal elastic structure, luxurious fabrics and soft quilted comfort!

MODULAR bean bag sofas unzip in seconds!

MODULAR bean bag sofas unzip in seconds for different possibilities! 

Settle into your very own oasis of comfort.

Settle into your very own oasis of comfort. 

Luscious Grey sofa weave fabric

Luscious Grey beautifully combines shades of deep mid greys and lighter tones with a subliminal highlight of metallic silver. A sensual fabric that's soft on the skin, it's suitable for any interior colour scheme. 

Cosy comfort with MODULAR bean bag sofas

Come home to truly cosy comfort. 

David seated in MOD 4 Quad Couch

Enjoy amazing living room flexibility for homes big and small. 

David settles in after a hard day.

David settles in after a hard day. 

Read more about David's mancave here. 

MODULAR soft launch special in showroom only. Experience now.

October 14, 2017

Amsterdam interior design blog Vosgesparis loves MODULAR flexibility

Beautiful minimalist home with MOD 3 Movie Couch and Twin Ottoman
Minimalist interior with Twin Ottoman in Luscious Grey
Easily unzip your MODULAR into separate chairs anytime

"I guess we all grew up with the bean bag, and as a teenager I loved to throw myself on them. As an adult I am more into something I can actually sit on or perfectly lounge in, curled up with my laptop or a magazine. After unpacking the boxes it was easy to connect the three elements with the robust zippers and form a small couch without armrests, something I rather like actually! The pouf consist of two smaller elements and was even easier to connect, elements can also be used individually and more different elements are available to form different lounge areas."

MOD 3 Movie Couch and Twin Ottoman in Luscious Grey
Rear view of MOD 3 Movie Couch and Twin Ottoman in Luscious Grey

"I was surprised by the sitting comfort of the couch and have to agree that these bean bags are a paradigm shift in the evolution of soft furniture. Hotels, cafes, lifestyle retreats, residential projects, universities, modern libraries and cinemas all are spaces for Ambient Lounge."

MODULAR soft launch special in showroom only. Experience now.

September 17, 2017

NEW: Welcome to the future of living rooms with MODULAR

MODULAR bean bag sofas in industrial chic loft apartment (MOD 6 Lounge Max configuration in Eco Weave)

Flexible configurations and lightweight mobility. MODULAR is revolutionary designer bean bag sofas with internal elastic structure, luxurious fabrics and soft quilted comfort.

Our MOD 6 Lounge Max configuration in beautiful Eco Weave fabric (shown above) blends effortlessly with the raw industrial aesthetics of this loft apartment. A shaggy area rug in cream completes this industrial chic ensemble.

Ambient Lounge® is groundbreaking innovation in evolving shapeless bean bags into contemporary designer furniture with clean lines, stylish form and premium comfort.

After pioneering the world's very first designer bean bag in 2005 with defined form and structure, MODULAR is next-level revolution in the field of designer soft furniture.

Combining cutting-edge innovation and intricate manufacturing techniques, MODULAR is contemporary designer furniture with proprietary internal elastic structure (with up to 100 internal elastic points in fact) and separate internal bead compartments.

You'll love the body moulding comfort that comes with our soft quilted cushioning and luxurious high-end fabrics. Despite having amazing seating stability and support, the internal structure is all soft and there are no sharp corners, making Ambient Lounge® child-friendly.

MODULAR is amazingly lightweight, and our commercial-grade zippers allow you to easily unzip to individual components and re-arrange your living room anytime. Something not possible with traditional sofas!

Soften your space with aesthetics, tactility and unparalleled functionality. Used in Spotify Asia HQ, Government Investment Corporation (GIC), Canadian High Commission, DBS Bank, Nissan and Subaru showrooms and offices, and many other premium venues in Singapore and worldwide, Ambient Lounge® is the leading global brand for designer bean bag sofas.

MODULAR is set to be the choice of leading interior designers and architects for residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. Soft launch in showroom only. Experience now.

Easily unzip MODULAR bean bag sofas (MOD 4 L Sofa configuration in Luscious Grey)
Easily unzip and re-arrange your living room in seconds. Shown here: MOD 4 L Sofa configuration in Luscious Grey fabric.

MODULAR bean bag sofas are lightweight and mobile (MOD 4 L Sofa configuration in Luscious Grey)
80% lighter than a traditional sofa, MODULAR is amazingly mobile so you can move them to another room anytime. Shown here: MOD 4 L Sofa configuration in Luscious Grey fabric.

Settle into the body moulding comfort of MODULAR bean bag sofas (MOD 5 Living Lounge configuration in Luscious Grey)
Settle into the body moulding comfort of MODULAR today. Shown here: MOD 5 Living Lounge configuration in Luscious Grey fabric. Experience MODULAR in showroom now.

January 22, 2017

Big in Japan

Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas and loungers in Tokyo

Have the coolest seat in the fashion capital of Tokyo. Chill out with beautiful contemporary forms, amazing support with our unique internal elastic structure... and world leading cloud-like comfort!

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