Modular Sofa Bean Bags (Indoor)

Welcome to complete living room flexibility.

Modular was selected by the England national football team in furnishing their World Cup 2018 team hotel for relaxation and bonding. It is also used in UK-listed property group Empiric's premium accommodations throughout the UK.

Exclusively available from our showroom only, Modular comes in different configurations to fit both shoebox apartments and landed homes. 80% lighter than traditional sofas, Modular unzips in seconds so you can re-arrange your living room anytime. Featuring luxurious high-end fabrics and lush quilted comfort, Modular is beautifully structured with our proprietary internal elastic system for unrivalled support.

Check out the future of flexible designer living:

Forget traditional sofas. Enjoy living room soft luxury with our beautiful Interior sofa weave fabrics.

Or enjoy hassle-free maintenance with our stylish Easy-Clean fabrics. They are water-resistant, pet-friendly and designed for both indoors and outdoors.

Experience beauty, balance and support. Only with our proprietary internal elastic structure:

Modular Sofa Bean Bags - Internal Elastic Structure

1. Tensile Elastic Structure
Design simplicity can be complex. With our intricate internal elastic support, our loungers are soft but sturdy.

2. Lush Quilting
Sink into thickly padded seating at the end of a long day. Our quilted interior creates the gorgeous form that architects and interior designers love.

3. Premium Fabric
We’re all about feeling & quality. We custom design & manufacture our gorgeous Ambient Lounge® fabrics from the yarn, so you enjoy complex, durable weaves. A sensual experience reserved only for high-end furniture.

4. DuraLuxe™ Premium Filling (Exclusive to Singapore)
Experience luxury with this same filling used for our prestigious Shangri-La and Kempinski Hotel clients. Unlike the common lower-grade EPS/styrofoam (flattens fast, noisy shuffling sound, unpleasant chemical smell), our DuraLuxe™ premium EPP foam beads are long-lasting, quiet and odourless with cloud-like comfort.

You don't have to be superman to pick up and re-arrange your living room with Ambient Lounge®. Modular components weigh less than 10kg on average... perfect for flexible living spaces!

Modular Sofa Bean Bags - Lightweight

We custom design & manufacture our gorgeous Ambient Lounge® fabrics from the yarn, so you enjoy complex, durable weaves. A sensual experience traditionally reserved for high-end furniture.

Interior (sofa weave) fabrics
Create a cozy and luxurious living room experience with these beautiful and sophisticated fabrics. Covers can be washed after unfilling with our patented Funnelweb™ system.

Easy-Clean (water-resistant) fabrics
A godsend for busy parents and pet owners, these stylish fabrics are a real time-saver when it comes to maintenance... simply wipe clean any spills or stains! Soft, smooth and perfect for both indoors and outdoors, you'd love these for your living room, balcony or poolside.


It’s heavenly to sink into a thick cotton quilted layer + sensual premium bead centre. We dare you not to fall asleep in yours.

Enjoy peace of mind even with furry friends or little ones around. We have done all the worrying so you don't have to. We care, as we are parents too.

1. Soft Edges
Unlike traditional sofas with sharp corners, we're all soft so you have less parental stress.

2. YKK Safety Locking Zips
So beads can’t be accessed by adventurous toddlers.

3. Easy Maintenance
Domestic spills that could spell the end of a traditional sofa can be spot-cleaned or gently washed out of our removable Interior covers. Or simply wipe clean with our Easy-Clean fabrics... the choice of busy parents and pet owners!

Create any configuration for homes big and small. Welcome to truly flexible living.

Twin Ottoman is footrest, seat and coffee table. This multifunctional marvel is beautifully structured with our proprietary internal elastics and luxuriously quilted for heavenly comfort. It also unzips to 2 single ottomans anytime! Now expandable with the new Link Middle to fit all spaces. Get this flexible living room genius for the complete Modular experience now.

Modular Sofa Bean Bags - Twin Ottoman Expanded

Modular is exclusively available from our showroom only. Swing by and experience it for yourself today.

Choose from some of our most popular configurations below, from a super compact 2-seater sofa perfect for studio apartments, to luxurious home cinema solutions for landed homes.

Check out how you can configure your space for your own needs: