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As waiting time could be more than 6 months once items go out of stock, we encourage you to place your order early to reserve your items. There is no storage charge even if you can only take delivery later.

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If you're unable to find an answer to your question below, please email your enquiry to info@ambientlounge.sg with your mobile number, and you should hear from us within 12 hours. Be sure to also check your junk/bulk folder.

Q: How will my order be delivered?
You will receive the bean bag cover, and the bean filling separately in a Funnelweb™. Easily fill your Ambient Lounge bean bag sofa to your personal comfort level using our worldwide patented Funnelweb™ system. Make your seat as soft or as firm as you like!

See our beautiful Funnelweb™ video below for how this ingenious zip-and-tip system works. (Your order will also come with an easy-to-understand Funnelweb™ booklet with step-by-step photographs. It's so simple you probably won't need it though.) You will receive enough beans to fill your bean bag, and often have some left over for top-ups.

If you would like your Ambient Lounge bean bags delivered pre-filled, a handling charge of $30 per item applies. Simply email your request to info@ambientlounge.sg immediately after your online purchase.

Q: Are your prices inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
Yes, all bean bag prices shown include GST.

Q: What online payment options do you support?
Easily and safely pay using
- Visa, MasterCard, Amex credit/debit cards
- Apple Pay (in Safari)

Q: Do you offer any 0% interest instalment plans?
Yes we do. Stretch your dollar with our 0% interest instalment plans of up to 24 months! Exclusively for Standard Chartered credit card holders and available at showroom only. Terms apply. Want to know more? Call us at 6802 9900, email us at info@ambientlounge.sg or check with our showroom staff today!

Q: How secure is buying online with Ambient Lounge Singapore?
Our online store is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, and includes an SSL certificate that uses industry standard 128 bit encryption technology. This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure. See more information on PCI Compliance here.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
For all orders (except Tech Pillows and Funnelwebs), receive your items in just 2-4 days.

For orders of Tech Pillows and Funnelwebs, receive your items via Speedpost Standard within 5 working days.

For delivery at a later date, simply email your preferred delivery time slot to info@ambientlounge.sg immediately after your online purchase.

NOTE: During peak season (Dec - Feb), delivery may take longer than our usual schedule above. Please order early to ensure you receive your items in time.

Q: What are the delivery charges?
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY within Singapore on all orders (usual: $40 per address).

Delivery is by a third party service.
Delivery charge is waived strictly for doorstep delivery at lift level only.

This prevents misunderstandings and unintentional damages to your existing furniture and finishes, especially in cases of narrow walkways. Unlike normal sofas, our furniture is lightweight, so you can easily move them to your desired rooms.

As there are many delivery locations routed geographically, this also ensures all customers can receive their items within the delivery time slot without needing to pay for delivery.

If you require move-in (from doorstep to a room) or carry-up (any flight of stairs within homes or for units not at lift landing level), these services are also available for an extra charge. This is subject to quotation by a different delivery company (based on quantity of items, number of flights of stairs etc). Please contact us with the move-in or carry-up details at least 3 working days in advance for separate payment processing.

Q: I am getting Ambient Lounge as a gift for someone. Can I specify a delivery date?
Of course you can. Simply email your preferred delivery time slot to info@ambientlounge.sg immediately after your online purchase. Choose from any weekday or Saturday, 10am to 2pm OR 2pm to 6pm. (Sundays and public holidays are excluded.) Please inform us at least 3 working days in advance. 

Q: Can I place an order first, but arrange for delivery at a much later date?
Of course you can. And you should. Be it getting Ambient Lounge as a gift or for your new house, place your order now to avoid disappointment of any potential stock-out later. Simply email your preferred delivery time slot to info@ambientlounge.sg immediately after your online purchase. Enjoy peace of mind. Once your order is placed, those items are yours, and yours only.  

Q: Are all models on display at your showroom so I may experience them for myself before purchase?
Yes, they are. Pop in, chill out, and experience the entire collection in a cosy ambience set to soft downtempo music. We look forward to welcoming you.

Q: Are your items available for cash-and-carry from your showroom?
Definitely. We are in-stock for most items. That makes us stand out from almost everyone else in the world of designer furniture. Why wait weeks or months when your designer bean bag sofa is all ready to follow you home? Showroom accepts Visa / Mastercard.

Q: What happens if the bean bag sofa I want is out of stock?
Demand for our bean bag sofas has been very high and despite our best intentions, we may temporarily be out of stock for some items or colours. Our online ordering system does not allow orders for items which are out of stock. For out-of-stock items, please email us at info@ambientlounge.sg for order and estimated delivery date.

Q: What is your refund/ return policy?
All goods sold cannot be refunded or returned. To ensure what you receive are brand new pieces, we strictly do not accept returns after delivery. Nobody likes to receive an item that has been filled, tried, unfilled and returned by another customer. If you would like to change your order to a different model or colour before delivery, we're most happy to do so. In the case of a manufacturing defect, an identical replacement will be provided. Please see details below.

Q: What warranty do I enjoy with Ambient Lounge?
In the unlikely event when there is a manufacturing defect, please take your item to the Singapore showroom within 7 days upon receipt and we will provide you with an identical replacement. Complaints received subsequently will not be entertained. You may have to wait for replacement goods that are out of stock. Please note, we examine and test all returns and if we consider the fault to be a result of self-damage, then a replacement will not be given.

For one year after you purchase an Ambient Lounge model from the Singapore online shop or showroom, you will be covered by our warranty. Within one year upon purchase or delivery (whichever is later), Ambient Lounge Singapore will repair any items with manufacturing defects at no charge, including any structural defects (such as defective zips). However, damages resulting from the following will not be covered: (i) wear and tear (ii) abuse (iii) cosmetic damage (e.g. stained/scratched fabrics/leather) and (iv) incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses.

You need to take your item to the Singapore showroom, and we will repair the item and arrange a date for your collection. Please produce your invoice as proof of purchase for warranty coverage. If your item is not repairable, we may, at our sole discretion, replace your item with a product of similar value if an identical product is not available. Any such replacement will immediately terminate this warranty. In cases where our warranty does not apply, we will provide you with a cost estimate of any repair needed.

Exposure to extreme temperature changes and sunlight may cause colour changes and/or surface damage. These are circumstances beyond our control and are not warranty issues. Our warranty excludes fabrics, leathers and any other textiles for wearing quality, colour fastness, shrinkage, wrinkling, stretching, or dye lot match.

Q: How kid-safe are Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas?
At Ambient Lounge, we take safety very seriously. Our bean bag sofas and materials are tested to comply with strict safety codes of international standards. All Ambient Lounge bean bags have child-proof YKK safety locking zips as standard in the interests of guarding against children accessing the bean filling. The gusset inside the bean bag should also be zipped closed as a secondary precaution. 

Please use a paper clip or safety pin to open the zipper slider, by inserting under zip lock and lifting. Once lock catch is off, simply slide zip to open or close. For the safety of children, please ensure the clip is removed once the bean bag is closed. 

WARNING: Small lightweight beads present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled. This may result in choking or cause an airway obstruction. Please use safety locking zips carefully and follow instructions.

Q: My Ambient Lounger has two filling compartments. I filled the backrest compartment first. When I then open the seat compartment, why do I see some beans already in there?
Don't worry, this is normal! Gold Class premium models (eg. Avatar Lounger, Butterfly Sofa, Twin Couch, Modular) come with 2 filling compartments (seat compartment and backrest compartment). See graphic below. This proprietary design allows some interflow of beans between the two compartments. This helps prevent internal damage in cases of customers overfilling the compartments. So if you fill your backrest compartment first and seat compartment second, it is natural to find some beans from the backrest has flowed into the seat compartment. And vice versa!

Interflow of beans between compartments

Q: What if I want to purchase in quantity?
We have many requests for projects, functions and multi-purchases. We offer discount on such bulk purchases to private consumers and non-wholesale businesses. If you would like to purchase 10 or more pieces, please email us at info@ambientlounge.sg

Q: Are you registered in GeBIZ?
Yes, we are registered in GeBIZ and can submit e-invoices via Vendors@Gov. We have served an extensive list of public sector clients in Singapore since 2009, including Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Primary School, MINDEF, SCDF, People's Association, Heartbeat@Bedok etc. Contact us now at 6802 9900 or info@ambientlounge.sg (with your organization name, contact details, models, fabric options and quantities) for more information and a formal quotation.