May 18, 2018

Small Apartment? Forget Sofas! Live Smart with Flexible Furniture Designed for Small Homes.

Small apartment with MOD 3 Movie Couch in Keystone Grey

Homes are getting smaller and space is a premium. Why get traditional sofas that cost a bomb, weigh a tonne and take up lots of space?

Godsend for small apartments, MODULAR is 80% lighter than traditional sofas and unzips in seconds for different possibilities. Come home to complete living room flexibility. It's revolutionary designer furniture that’s beautifully structured and multifunctional, yet amazingly lightweight.

Small living room with MOD 3 Movie Couch in Luscious Grey
Modular sofa zipper
Modular sofa unzipped
Lightweight modular sofa

Check out what the international press is saying about MODULAR:

"It was easy to connect the three elements with the robust zippers and form a small couch without armrests, something I rather like actually! The pouf consists of two smaller elements and was even easier to connect, elements can also be used individually and more different elements are available to form different lounge areas." - Amsterdam-based interior design blog, Vosgesparis, on the flexibility of MODULAR

"A modest 50 sqm apartment? Rooftop terrace? Home cinema, spacious living space, or office? Ambient Lounge’s products comprise structured, quilted, elastic, premium fabrics and ‘bags’ of style - kit that is heavy on comfort and style but light on weight and wallet. Together, these individual bombshells come together to form something else altogether - a vast curved statement piece that looks like it’s come straight from a mansion in the Hollywood Hills; a sprawling space of comfort redefined." - Barcelona-based Lovie Award-winning design magazine, We Heart

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