July 03, 2018

England chooses Ambient Lounge Bean Bag Sofas for its Team Hotel in Russia

Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

In their quest to win their first World Cup since 1966, the English Football Association wanted a space where the team could bond and research other matches together.

The environment should allow the players to relax physically and mentally. Most importantly, the furniture had to be approved by the medical team to take pressure off aching joints and give the players the best chance to recover between games and training sessions.

Ambient Lounge was seen as the perfect fit.

In giving England's common rooms (both indoors and outdoors) a complete makeover, our soft yet structured bean bag sofas and loungers replaced all the boring hard-edged furniture that used to be there.

The brief that the manager Gareth Southgate gave to the English FA's designers was clear: keep the players in-house and focused on the task at hand. Team harmony without any outside distractions was a top priority.

Integrated with medical massage areas and games rooms, our loungers allow the team to bond and watch games together as one large communal space. Being lightweight, these can also be easily reconfigured into clusters of smaller private areas.

Check out the team (with manager Gareth Southgate on an Avatar Lounger) studying the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia:

Watching. Waiting. ⏳

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And here's Liverpool captain and England's key midfielder Jordan Henderson resting in our Modular:

Get behind the scenes and check out these preliminary 3D renders created by our interior design team. Approved by the English Football Association, these concepts are now reality.

3D model: Bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

Aerial 3D: Bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

Floor plan: Bean bag sofas in England team hotel in Russia

The English Football Association furnished their vast World Cup team hotel space (both indoors and outdoors) using multiple sets of different Ambient Lounge models, including Modular. Want the same positive vibes and look for your home or office? Check out which models the English FA selected.

Modular MOD 4 Corner Deluxe in Eco Weave

Butterfly Sofa in Eco Weave

Acoustic Sofa in Hot Chocolate

Avatar Lounger in Hot Chocolate

Versa Table in Eco Weave

Butterfly Sofa in Silverline (Waterproof, Indoor/Outdoor)

Wing Ottoman in Silverline (Waterproof, Indoor/Outdoor)