May 28, 2023

Get social with Modular workplace lounging

Modular bean bag sofa for workplace lounging

Bring the living room to your office. Get social with Modular workplace lounging.

Forget rigid traditional workplaces. Modular bean bag sofas are innovative and flexible lounging designed for modern social workspaces.

Modular is beautifully structured and luxuriously quilted for unique body moulding comfort. Besides chilling out, Modular is ideal for large scale team discussions and private one-on-one sessions alike.

Modular bean bag sofa components

Using just 4 components, create any configuration for offices big and small. Enjoy complete flexibility by simply unzipping and re-arranging the components to adapt to your changing needs. Changing your layout is a breeze as Modular is 80% lighter than traditional sofas.

Modular bean bag sofa is amazingly lightweight

Forward thinking organizations worldwide are using Modular to create workplaces for collaboration, conversation and networking. It's time for yours. Shop Modular now.