April 02, 2016

Designed for home and office, work and play!

Butterfly Sofa and Versa Table in Sakura Pink

If you're like us, you spend far too much time on your computer or iPad. If it's not getting back to emails, it's checking up on stuff outside of working hours, studying, researching or simply surfing the weekend away. Everything seems to be online these days.

Why be tied to a desk and face a cold and unfriendly tabletop? Pimp up your home and office with our high seating designer bean bag chairs. It's time to make your home and workplace more stylish, fun and casual.

Our Butterfly Sofa is a great example. High seating so it's easy to get in and out, even for ladies on high heels, it is naturally comfortable with a notebook or iPad perched on your lap. Add a Tech Pillow and a Versa Table and you have the perfect work/study furniture set! 

It's not just great at home either. Many of the most forward thinking companies (Spotify, Nissan and Skyscanner just to name a few) are decking out their brainstorming, meeting and lounge areas with Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas to enhance creativity, workplace pleasure and productivity. Just check out the pics below.

Evolution Sofas in Spotify Office
Avatar Loungers and Versa Table in Skyscanner Office

Want to enjoy the same home or office vibes? Check out our Cove Package (comprising our Butterfly Sofa and Versa Table) to create your own cozy working corner. Or browse our complete range here

Photo of Spotify office by Singapore Business Review.