November 04, 2017

German fashion blogger reviews our newest MODULAR

David relaxing with MOD 4 Quad Couch and Twin Ottoman bean bags

Relax in style. Hunky German fashion blogger, David Renken, shows how. He loves his Game of Thrones while relaxing in our newest MODULAR. The Quad Couch and Twin Ottomans also easily unzip to 8 separate seats when his friends are over! They're a godsend for small homes as they're super light, flexible and compact. Welcome to revolutionary designer furniture with internal elastic structure, luxurious fabrics and soft quilted comfort!

MODULAR bean bag sofas unzip in seconds!

MODULAR bean bag sofas unzip in seconds for different possibilities! 

Settle into your very own oasis of comfort.

Settle into your very own oasis of comfort. 

Luscious Grey sofa weave fabric

Luscious Grey beautifully combines shades of deep mid greys and lighter tones with a subliminal highlight of metallic silver. A sensual fabric that's soft on the skin, it's suitable for any interior colour scheme. 

Cosy comfort with MODULAR bean bag sofas

Come home to truly cosy comfort. 

David seated in MOD 4 Quad Couch

Enjoy amazing living room flexibility for homes big and small. 

David settles in after a hard day.

David settles in after a hard day. 

Read more about David's mancave here. 

MODULAR soft launch special in showroom only. Experience now.