Spare Luxury Faux Fur Top in Rabbit Beige - Medium (Indoor)


Get this spare faux fur top so your dog’s bed stays squeaky clean! Fits medium Pet Lounge dog bed.

Just as humans regularly change bedsheets, you can easily zip on this new top while cleaning the old one. Keeping good doggy hygiene helps protect the health of the family the dog lives with. You can also choose a different type of top to update your interior decor!

This luxurious faux fur top in frosted shades of rabbit beige goes well with all interiors. It realistically reproduces the texture and feel of animal fur, providing a deep base for your dog/cat to settle in and surround themselves comfortably. Hand wash when needed.

Keep your dog's bed fluffy and fresh with this spare faux fur top today!

Materials: Polyacrylic/Polyester fibres.

Dimensions: W80 D70cm (fits medium Pet Lounge dog bed)

Collections: Pet Lounge Dog Beds

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