Spare Luxury CoolQuilt Top in Beige - Medium (Easy-Clean, Pet-Friendly, In/Outdoor)


Get this spare CoolQuilt top so your dog’s bed stays squeaky clean! Fits medium Pet Lounge dog bed.

Just as humans regularly change bedsheets, you can easily zip on this new top while cleaning the old one. Keeping good doggy hygiene helps protect the health of the family the dog lives with. You can also choose a different type of top to update your interior decor!

CoolQuilt is designed specially for hot climates. This beautifully quilted top is luxuriously soft and smooth, allowing your dog to stay cool while chilling out in style. It's also water-resistant for easy maintenance. Spills or stains? Simply wipe clean or hand wash! The flat and smooth surface also makes cleaning the shedding of hair a breeze.

It is a classy beige with a soft sheen and goes well with all interiors. The underside of this CoolQuilt top comes with a pocket for a cooling gel pack (not included), so your fur baby can enjoy enhanced cooling on super hot days!

The lush quilting allows the dog to sink into the soft surface and feel secure within the outer walls. Your dog will revel in the feeling of CoolQuilt's velvety smooth comfort. If your dog sleeps outdoors, this is also the ideal top.

Keep your dog's bed fluffy and fresh with this spare CoolQuilt top today!

Materials: Beige quilted solution-dyed water-resistant fabric that is soft and smooth. Back pocket allows for a cooling gel pack (not included) for enhanced cooling on super hot days.

Dimensions: W80 D70cm (fits medium Pet Lounge dog bed)

Collections: Pet Lounge Dog Beds

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