SOHO Package in Blue Jazz (Indoor)


SMALL SPACE? LIVE SMART! SOHO is a great-looking living room package that’s compact, multifunctional and truly affordable! SOHO consists of Twin Couch in Blue Jazz and a matching Versa Table. Remove the tabletop and you've got a beautiful footrest and handy spare seat!

For dimensions, fabric composition and other details, click on Twin Couch and Versa Table.

Just moved into your new home without furniture and desperately need a living room solution? Our SOHO package makes life easy for you during such notoriously frenzied times of moving house. With rapidly blurring boundaries between home and office, SOHO also creates a truly integrated space for living and working.

Enjoy the amazing comfort of the Twin Couch, a unique 2-seater sofa which ingeniously unzips to two single chairs! Its flexible and space saving design makes it a wonderful solution for tight spaces. This double sofa is also perfect as a love seat for some real quality time with your partner.

Featuring high seating and fantastic back support, this digital-age sofa is perfect for students and professionals working wirelessly on their laptops. Being amazingly lightweight, the Twin Couch lets you change your room layout anytime you want. And cleaning is a breeze with our completely removable covers. It’s a dream for the busy working professional!

Complete the look with the chic yet highly functional Versa Table. It is the world’s first designer bean bag coffee table that transforms into a chic stool or ottoman. Fantastic as a compact coffee table that matches your Twin Couch, it is perfect for living room drinks, TV dinners, work-from-home laptops or late night study with books and notes. Want more? Remove the table top and you have Versa doubling up as a spare seat. Or use it as a footrest with your Twin Couch for a royal lounging experience!

With its stylish yet formal aesthetics, SOHO is also perfect for offices. The Twin Couch and Versa Table will create a wonderfully calming atmosphere for clients and colleagues alike in your lounge, meeting and reception areas.

Forget traditional clunky sofas that cost a bomb and boring coffee tables that do nothing else! With skyrocketing costs of living and shrinking sizes of homes, SOHO is multifunctional furniture that makes perfect sense. Enjoy smarter modern living that’s easy on both the eye and your wallet!

Perfect for:
Expatriates, singles, young couples, home office entrepreneurs, working professionals, IT consultants, college students, designers.

Perfect in:
Studio apartments, lofts, home theatres, living rooms, games rooms, student hostels, pantries, creative offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, lounges.

The SOHO Package comes with premium EPP bean filling (longer-lasting with cloud-like comfort) in patented Funnelweb™ (2 x 330 litres + 1 x 150 litres).

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