Pet Lounge Dog Bed in Cappuccino - Faux Fur - Small (Easy-Clean, Pet-Friendly, In/Outdoor)


    The luxurious faux fur quilted top, featuring frosted shades of rabbit beige, is of unrivalled quality, providing a deep base for your dog/cat to settle in and surround themselves comfortably.

    For maximum comfort and practicality, use Pet Lounge with this top zipped on. When cleaning is needed, you can then conveniently remove and hand wash just the top.

    The base, on the other hand, is tough 1200D nylon, water-resistant and nearly maintenance-free. A wipe-down once in a while would usually do the trick. If really desired, you can still give the base a good scrub, just like how you would clean a car. (Avoid the SmartVent™ mesh behind the handle. Air dry thoroughly.)

    This base in Cappuccino is a calm and elegant two-tone ecru. Featuring brownish-beige tones interwoven among lighter ones, it is beautifully serene with a hint of sheen and depth of texture. Cappuccino is both practical (eg. when pets shed fur) and aesthetic (beige goes well with all indoor and outdoor environments). SmartVent™ concealed under the carry handle gently pushes air out, ensuring body moulding comfort for your pet.

    With our Ambi-Spring™ internal elastic system, your pet will snuggle up in unparalleled comfort within the soft surface and outer walls.

    It's a dog’s life indeed!

    With Pet Lounge, we have taken dog (and cat) beds to a new level of luxury and versatility... your canine would be on cloud nine! Pet Lounge is an innovative indoor/outdoor luxury bean bag bed for dogs and cats of all sizes. All dog lovers know pets sleep and lie in a circle, and need a circular shaped bed. Designed together with leading international dog experts, Pet Lounge is a smart, flexible and premium product where dogs love the feel and owners love the look!

    In addition to the soft and weightless comfort of bean-filled bedding, the lush quilted sleeping area allows the dog to sink into the soft surface and feel secure within the outer walls. Being highly rated and used by the Guide Dogs Association of Australia is testament to Pet Lounge's unrivalled quality and comfort. It's so comfortable your family members might start using it too! With the lush faux fur cover, your dog will snuggle up and revel in the feeling of furry comfort. It's perfect for picnic trips too!

    Give your pet its own little bit of sleepy, cozy paradise today. It will love you for it.

    Ideal for cats and smaller dogs:
    Poodle, Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer, Maltese, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pug, Maltipoo etc

  • Pet Lounge Dog Bed in Cappuccino - Faux Fur - Small (In/Outdoor) Materials

    Faux fur quilted top: polyacrylic/polyester fibres

    Base: Two tone interwoven water-resistant and chew-resistant nylon with bonded rubber backing, 95% UV protected, 1200D weight

    DuraLuxe™ filling (exclusive to Singapore): Premium long-lasting EPP foam beads with cloud-like comfort. Experience luxury with this same filling used for our prestigious Shangri-La and Kempinski Hotel clients. Unlike the common lower-grade EPS/styrofoam (flattens fast, noisy shuffling sound, unpleasant chemical smell), DuraLuxe™ is long-lasting, quiet and odourless.

  • Pet Lounge Dog Bed in Cappuccino - Faux Fur - Small (In/Outdoor) Dimensions

    • W65 D55 H15cm
    • Removable premium faux fur top
    • Base is water-resistant, chew-resistant, easy-clean and nearly maintenance-free
    • Lightweight and mobile design
    • Rounded with high walls and sunken sleeping area for doggie comfort/security
    • Soft, quilted bedding area
    • Contoured piping
    • Innovative Ambi-Spring™ internal elastic system provides superb support and structured form
    • Worldwide patented Funnelweb™ system: easily fill/unfill your bean bag
    • Fill bean bag to personal comfort level in seconds using Funnelweb™
    • Unfill bean bag in seconds using Funnelweb™ to change the cover
    • DuraLuxe™ premium filling (long-lasting EPP with cloud-like comfort) in Funnelweb™ (50 litres)
    • SmartVent™ (breathable Air Vent System): pushes air out for body moulding comfort
    • Carry handle: easily move your bean bag around
    • Child-proof YKK safety locking zips

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