Butterfly Chaise Package in Silverline (Easy-Clean, Pet-Friendly, In/Outdoor)


Welcome to Gold Class outdoor lounging. Let your hair down, put your feet up and enjoy full body weightless comfort. Comprising a Butterfly Sofa in beautiful pinstriped Silverline and a matching Wing Ottoman, the luxurious Butterfly Sofa is your very own cocoon of comfort, while the Wing Ottoman comes with a unique memory foam top that zips off for different lounging options.

Featuring our proprietary Ambi-Spring™ internal elastic structure for superb all-round support, your Butterfly Sofa stays steady even when you lean back in it. Ambi-Spring™ also provides unrivalled stability and a beautiful ribbed effect that is 360-degree eye candy for your living space. The backrest and super-wide seating contain quilted cushioning for truly royal comfort.

Water-resistant yet amazingly soft, this all-weather chaise lounge is perfect outdoors and indoors, be it balconies or poolsides, entertainment rooms or relaxation corners. Come home to luxury lounging today.

For dimensions, fabric composition and other details, click on Butterfly Sofa and Wing Ottoman.

The Butterfly Chaise Package comes with premium EPP bean filling (longer-lasting with cloud-like comfort) in patented Funnelweb™ (1 x 330 litres + 1 x 100 litres).

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