Premium EPP Bean Bag Filling in Patented Funnelweb™ (330 Litres)


    Enjoy 330 litres of our premium longer-lasting EPP beans with cloud-like comfort! Odourless & quiet, these last longer and feel much better than your typical beads.

    This 330-litre pack (approximately 7kg) is enough to fill an Ambient Lounge single-seater sofa/lounger.

    All Ambient Lounge bean fillings come in Funnelweb™. The Funnelweb™ is a revolutionary patented system designed exclusively by Ambient Lounge for hassle-free bean transfer when filling or emptying your Ambient Lounge bean bag sofas. No more 'spilling the beans'!

    Enjoy the safer, quicker and easier way. Only with Ambient Lounge.

  • Bean filling in patented Funnelweb™: Premium longer-lasting EPP (expanded polypropylene) beans with cloud-like comfort. Odourless and quiet. Experience world leading bean bag comfort with Ambient Lounge.

    • Premium EPP bean filling (longer-lasting with cloud-like comfort) in Funnelweb™ (100 litres)
    • Worldwide patented Funnelweb™ system: easily fill/unfill your bean bag
    • Fill bean bag to personal comfort level in seconds using Funnelweb™
    • Unfill bean bag in seconds using Funnelweb™ to wash/change the cover

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